Friday, February 3, 2012

Roseanne Barr

Roseanne Barr
Actress Roseanne Barr decided to become U.S. president
Actress sitcoms Roseanne Barr (Roseanne Barr) filed documents for registration as a candidate for nomination for U.S. president from the "green", the Associated Press. According to Barr, nor the Republican nor the Democratic Party does not make for the American people any good, and it can remedy this situation, if he becomes president.

"Democrats and Republicans are bought, they pay the financial movers and shakers. They argue that defending the interests of ordinary people, but really care about the needs of those who pay more. I will not buy" - quoted by Barr British The Times.

Some of his election program presented the actress tweeted. In particular, if he wins the presidential election, it promises to reform health care and the public to write off all loans, "drove vzashey of the Federal Reserve System (FRS) of those who owe money to the Americans." The slogan of the campaign Barr reads: "Vote for me, I vpravlyu their brains. Barre in 2012."

The actress, however, doubt that it will not only become the president of the country, and even win the nomination of the "green". "I'm almost sure that the nominated Jill Stein, and I will support it, but until then I will fight," - she wrote on Twitter.

Jill Stein, a physician by training, is one of four candidates for nomination for U.S. president from the "green". In addition to it, and Barr, on the nomination of claim Mespley Kent and Harley Mickelson. Their candidate for president, "green" the convention will choose, to be held in July 2012 in Baltimore.

Roseanne Barr is one of the most famous and popular American actresses sitcoms. She became famous thanks to TV series "Roseanne," due in theaters in 1988-97, respectively. Barr is an award-winning "Amy" and "Golden Globe" and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.