Thursday, February 2, 2012

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger
The dark beauty Nicole Scherzinger - a singer and dancer, singer of Pussycat Dolls - a quarter of a Russian. In her veins also flows Hawaiian and Filipino blood. Nicole looks perfect delight fans around the world, although she is not indifferent to the sweet and does not believe in diets. The secret of her beauty in the other.

You'd be surprised, but the full name of Nicole Sherzinegr sounds like Nicole Scherzinger Praskovya Elikolani Valiente. The fact that the girl's father, Alfonso, was a Filipino and his mother - half gavaykoy, half-Russian. Grandma singer, our compatriot, was born in Vladivostok.
Describing her daughter in such a complex and long name, parents seem to want to pay tribute to all of its roots. However, Nicole's mother left her husband soon. So that its German name was Nicole Scherzinger from Garry's stepfather, a German by birth.

Nicole Belle admits that not always been confident in its appeal. As a teenager, said the girl, she considered herself "awkward and lanky."

"I felt comfortable only when hiding in my room, listening to Whitney Houston and sang in a loud voice" - says Nicole.

However, take care of herself she began very early. In ten years she has enjoyed a moisturizer for the face and still believes that it is one of the main secrets of good skin.
In addition, Nicole thinks that beautiful complexion owes a combination of Filipino, Hawaiian and Russian blood flowing in her veins.

The pop star admits that is not indifferent to the national cuisine and a sweet tooth. "When I was little, I ate all that love to eat and all the children. I ate lasagna and pasta, sweets loved "- she said. Sweet tooth does not leave her until now.

"I can not resist the cake Red Doughboys in Los Angeles - Nicole laughs. - I feel happiness, even just thinking about it. " As a girl, a sweet tooth, partial to hearty Hawaiian and Filipino cuisine can be a slim?

The first secret - The orderly power, but no superstrogih restrictions. Diet will inevitably lead to the disruption and subsequent weight gain, according to the singer: "I do not believe in diets. I tried each of them and realized that they do not work. More importantly, the diet blended harmoniously in everyday life. I do not believe in what you want yourself something to deny. Balance, moderation and activity - that really helps. "

Nicole willingly shares his example of the menu for the day: "For breakfast, I cook a soft-boiled egg with brown toast, butter and a slice of smoked salmon. Or when I'm in a hurry, I eat breakfast cereal «Frosted Mini-Wheats» with milk. For lunch I had salad, or salmon with poached egg, and for dinner - pasta, chicken or salmon dish.

One of my favorite foods - chicken. For example, chicken and rice with mushrooms, bamboo shoots and onions, and season with all the Asian oyster sauce. It turns out very tasty. "

That is the star does not give himself to relax - so it is in the amount of alcohol consumed: "I try to use as little alcohol. Occasionally allow myself a glass of wine at dinner, or a little bit of alcohol when I'm at the reception. "

As a favorite snack food for the star called cashew nuts, almonds and tropical fruits. "If I need to take with them something good to eat during the break, I like cherry tomatoes or banana" - she said.

By the way, most of these excellent products Nicole impact on skin condition. Nuts, like salmon, contain omega-3 essential fatty acids, which protect the skin from aging and make it supple. They also have a positive effect on the hair and nails. Banana pulp - a source of vitamin C and antioxidants, as well as the hormone serotonin joy. Chicken contains the proteins necessary for vigorous lifestyle and persistent training, which the star is not neglected.

Twice a week, the singer makes a jog for 30-45 minutes and regularly attend training at the gym. "Alternating several minutes of cardio workout with different exercises sets, consisting of 12 repetitions. I prefer to use the burdening of 10 pounds (about 4.5 kg), "- said in an interview Scherzinger« Shape ».

In sports, pop star, too, adheres to the principle of harmony. "When I train, I try not to focus only on one body part, I prefer to maintain a balance in all - Nicole recommends. - So I'm working on a press, legs, hands - on everything. In the gym I'm alternating strength training and endurance exercise, which, incidentally, very tonic. "

Best friend of beauty and good form - fresh air, summarizes Scherzinger. "Recommend to the parents often withdraw their children on the street so they could play there, run around and have fun. They can stay in shape, doing what they like, and this is the most important thing. "