Friday, February 3, 2012

New Hunger Games Trailer

New Hunger Games Trailer
New Hunger Games Trailer

Katniss, age six - ten loves to spend the spring in the Forbidden Forest outside the district two - ten and Lhtzfot nature awakening to life. But in Fanm spring also marks the death. This is the season when preparing for the Hunger Games - a fight for survival among the twenty-four boys and girls across the country transmitted live.
When Katniss becomes a representative of her district and sent to the scene, she knows that this game has only one winner, and is the only one left alive. Will this be it, the experienced hunter who does everything to remain human in inhuman? And perhaps it would be pate, a district, Katniss's life at least as important to his life?

"This book haunted me. I had to take him to dinner and read under the table to avoid having to stop. The story would not leave me even after I finished reading. For several nights I lay awake in bed thinking about him. Amazing. "
Stephanie Meyer, author of "Twilight"

"Adventure story closest to perfection ever read - ever. Collins made ​​the story a chilling tale mythological labyrinth and reliable. Readers were hungry for more. "
Rick Riirdn, author of "Percy Jackson"

"Novel nerve-racking and quick maintains constant tension. I could not stop reading. "
Stephen King