Thursday, February 2, 2012

Egypt Soccer Riot

Egypt Soccer Riot

What started as a soccer match between two teams loaded in Egypt last night ended in a bloodbath. At least seventy people were killed and more than a thousand were injured after the Egyptian champions Al - Al Ahli lost 3-1 - local messages. This difficult incident comes after a week of violence in Egypt broke all records, and now dealing with a superior military council strongly criticized

Egypt continues to surprise outbursts of violence that no one can predict where they will come and how it will end. Football game between the champions to - Ahli hostess Port Said, is lost by 3-1 to Port Said, sparked bloody riots in the stadium resulted in 80 dead and more than 250 wounded.

Medical sources reported that most victims died of skull injuries, and a few were stabbed to death. Planes were sent from Cairo to collect the bodies, and the Third Army was put on alert in case the violence spread to all parts of the Port - Said and surroundings. Supreme Council of the army once again revealed her helplessness, and forced to take harsh criticism with demands for the resignation.

"The official page of the Prime Minister stated that Dr. Gnzuri closely monitors the operation of the evacuation of those killed. Dozens were killed - When do you plan to go public? ", Accused the familiar television presenter said kindly," the Egyptian government, before the revolution and after, specialized in silence, monitoring and anticipation. Now we want someone to talk to. Interior Minister, Prime Minister, the military council - someone to come out already, "he demands, more than three hours after the tragedy.

Greatest disaster in the history of football Egyptian brings its climax a week of violence in scope and in Egypt did not know before: Sharm el - Sheikh kidnapped tourists for ransom, in Cairo were two robberies, and robbed millions of pounds, and thousands of cars stolen in the big cities had not yet returned to their owners.

Steep decline in personal security is the biggest problem of Egypt, and is batting with investors and tourists and slows the economy. Muslim Brotherhood accused the Mubarak associates that organized the riots to undermine the security, but today more than ever they knew it was not his problem of Mubarak - preventing anarchy in Egypt is their top mission.