Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Zara Phillips & Mike Tindall, she blows him now the march?

Two weeks earlier than planned Zara Phillips now hurried to New Zealand. There, she apparently wants to speak with her husband, Mike Tindall, after the rugby player was caught recently in foreign cuddling with another lady.

It was a rollicking night, which caused a public scandal. Good 18.8 thousand kilometers away from home, celebrate Mike Tindall (32) Sozzled with his rugby teammates in a student bar in Queens town New Zealand's victory over Argentina. It was late when the visibly drunken 32-year-old his head buried in the cleavage of a lady, she seems even kissed.

The controversial pictures of the party night went around the world. These were finally in a woman not his wife, Zara Phillips (30), which he had vowed just six weeks, the eternal faith.

Away from this game of their wedded wife remained in the home should the wife have been anything but pleased. Even if the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II has not yet commented on the affair, but their actions speak for themselves.

The 30-year-old spent two weeks traveling to New Zealand earlier than planned - and unlikely to cheer on their loved ones on the field."The fuss about Mike's party was very upsetting for them. So they want to see Mike as soon as possible, "quotes the British newspaper" The Mirror "one insider:" She wants to resolve this matter as quickly as possible, "Sounds So Zara would blow her husband once belonging to the march - and rightly so. !

And while she wants to take their loved ones to breast, Mike's father is trying to limit the damage in the home. "I spoke with my son and he says the lady have it been only a girlfriend," the paper quoted the 64-year-olds. "We have not talked about Zara. . But I do not think she is upset or needs desperately to be " That according to the newspaper says a friend of the rugby player, who said: "Mike and Zara is doing well.Mike knows that he has behaved like an idiot and has also said Zara.

He is aware that it is stupid to behave in such a way to get drunk and hang out at a bar - even with an old friend. " Another derailment Mike Tindall will probably not allow so fast - especially now with his wife to him is. And it will probably not be out of sight, surely much to the delight of the Queen.Finally, should the Queen of England on the headlines of the new member of the royal family "not amused" was his.