Sunday, September 11, 2011

With pain and emotion, the U.S. remembers the victims of 11-S to a decade of attacks

U.S. President Barack Obama participates in New York ceremonies marking the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11 in America. Obama was accompanied by his wife, Michelle, and toured with former President George W. Bush , Ground Zero, where once stood the twin towers of World Trade Center to honor the nearly 3,000 people killed in the attacks.

The act of attack in the most serious of the country's history began with a minute of silence at the exact moment when the first of two planes hijacked by terrorists slammed the first of the Twin Towers. For the first time, also read the names of all who died that day in New York, nearly 3,000 people.

Later it is expected that the U.S. president met briefly with relatives of the victims, who "talk about the loss of their loved ones. " Yesterday, Obama warned that the United States will not waver in its fight against terrorism. "Ten years ago, ordinary Americans have shown us the true meaning of courage when they ran down the stairs of those skyscrapers in the middle the flames, "recalled the president."As we demonstrated again this weekend, we remain vigilant.

We will do everything in our power to protect our people, "he said. "A decade after the 11 / 9, it is clear to around the world that the terrorists who attacked us on that September morning were unsuccessful by the character of our people, our nation's strength and resilience of our values, "Obama said.

Moreover, Washington and New York woke up almost armored with heavily increased security measures ahead of the tenth anniversary of the worst attacks in U.S. history, especially after the threat "credible but unconfirmed" for a possible attack. The center of Washington, especially around the White House and other government buildings were surrounded by police, also strongly represented elsewhere in the U.S. capital.

According to local media, thousands of police were deployed along this journey both in Washington and New York , along with bomb experts, snipers, members of the National Guard and FBI intelligence analysts, the newspaper "The New York Times."