Monday, September 12, 2011

WikiLeaks broke the news: Taiwan for mainland China for raw materials, chemical weapons

WikiLeaks website of a U.S. Institute in Taiwan (AIT) telegram that since the unofficial end-users that get sloppy, the Chinese mainland is Taiwan's high-tech industry needs the sole provider of chemical raw materials, parts or raw materials prohibited Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) of pipe products, the lack of external control, the development of chemical and biological weapons, Taiwan may become a potential national, Beijing monopoly supply of raw materials, will be able to get Taiwan to threaten the United States in the future high-tech products.

The United States also worry that even if Taiwan does not develop chemical weapons, the Chinese mainland through this vulnerability, unauthorized users of third countries or the output of chemical raw materials help to curb the proliferation of chemical weapons.

Telegram on March 9, 2007 issue.I mentioned, AIT Customs documents found on the Taiwan, China exports a lot of CWC second tube products are the raw materials to Taiwan, most of these raw materials used in semiconductors, a special glass and the production of light-emitting diodes; the face of skepticism from the outside, mainland China to Taiwan of raw materials often are "domestic transport", not "export" on the grounds, claiming that no violation of CWC provisions.

Message that Taiwanese officials told the United States, China Taiwan, BOFT issued without end-users that, as long as the Taiwan Association of Sirenqiye documents issued by the Chinese side on the simplified review process, agreed to export raw materials, but the Chinese do not have the raw end of the the user's jurisdiction, it can not be performed to check whether the flow of raw materials or other countries illegal users.
WikiLeaks published American Institute in Taiwan telegram that the lack of an external monitor and Taiwan may be secretly developing biological weapons.Soldiers NBC detectors car.

Message that from January 2004 to October 2006, Taiwan's total imports from the mainland, $ 5 million of the second control material.The United States that has not yet seen specific plans, but these materials so that Taiwan has the ability to develop chemical and biological weapons, or even the development of satellites and long-range cruise missiles, Taiwan officials denied any such plan, countries outside the mainland to Taiwan welcome to check.

The United States is more worried about is that two-thirds of the global semiconductor foundry in Taiwan, Taiwan's production of glass fiber, integrated circuit packaging and liquid crystal displays, accounting for 40% of the global market to 50%, or even with the world's second largest dynamic Take chip suppliers, these products require control of chemicals, raw materials have been if the Chinese monopoly will seriously damage U.S. interests.