Saturday, September 10, 2011

Maximum voltage outside the embassy of Israel

There are at least three people and wounded more than a thousand riots in Egypt.

At least three people died and 1,049 were injured during clashes between demonstrators and security forces recorded last night around the Israeli Embassy in Cairo, officials said.

The Egyptian state agency, Mena, quoting an official of the Ministry of Health, gives a figure, but does not specify the cause of death, but sources said the security forces that two people died of heart attacks.Previously, Mena had spoken of a killed by a heart attack and 837 injured during the incident near the embassy, ​​where hundreds of protesters continue gathered amid heavy security, although clashes are not recorded.

Many of them are uploaded to the remains of the wall was demolished without the Security forces prevented it, before dozens of young people entering the building which houses the embassy and files documents and launched into the air from one of the floors. A score of soldiers, backed by four tanks, are stationed at the entrance the building while the protesters chant slogans against Israel.

The street where the embassy is situated on the west bank of the Nile, was once again open to traffic, although it still shows signs of the battle that took place last night in place, which burned tires and cars. "We want to end the relationship between the two countries, leaving the ambassador (Israel) was a first step, but will not stop until they completely cut off relations" , said Saber.

A trial demonstrator, the fighting began last night with the security forces were not them, but people outside the protest came to bring. Meanwhile, the Egyptian prime minister, Esam Sharaf, chaired a crisis cabinet meeting to review the situation following internal events and the departure of Israeli Ambassador Yitzhak Levanon, revealed Mena.

The Egyptian agency said the meeting focused on the facts of the Israeli embassy, ​​the attempt to storm the headquarters of the Security Directorate in Giza , next to the embassy, ​​and "the attack on the headquarters of the Ministry of Interior." Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called it a "serious incident". "The mass attack the embassy of Israel in Egypt is a serious incident, but could have been worse if the agitators have made ​​it through the last door and hurt our people, "said Netanyahu.