Thursday, September 22, 2011

HORROR-NUCLEAR SPARED, typhoon leaves little damage in Fukushima

Killer typhoon "Roke" - he has now reached Tokyo after the damaged nuclear power plant in Fukushima-Daiichi!According to the operating company Tepco occurred at thenuclear plant, but to no major damage.

Tepco had set before the arrival of the typhoon, the work on the atomic ruin.According to a spokesman for planning were also drawn over the damaged buildings - should be prevented that radiation escapes or rain water getting into the destroyed reactor.

Apparently successful: Except for a damaged security camera, there were no damage reports from the damaged nuclear power plant, which was upset in March by an earthquake and a tsunami - the renewed nuclear disaster has failed!

On Wednesday afternoon (local time) met "Roke" in the city of Hamamatsu on land, moved about 40 kilometers per hour toward the northeast. In Tokyostorm and heavy rain led to the fact that the train came to a halt, tens of thousands of commuters were stranded at railway stations. In the middle of the country's nearly 260 000 households were without electricity.


More than 400 flights were canceled because of the mega-storm, exposed to high-speed trains in eastern and central Japan and highways blocked.

Many companies sent their employees home in the afternoon.The world's largest automaker Toyota put the work out in some factories. Many schools in the country sent their students home early.
Even in advance of the typhoon in Japan went down heavy rains , roads and residential areas were flooded.

At least 13 people were killed or went missing.

"Roke" Japan is already the fifteenth typhoon this year! Earlier this month, was "Talas" moved across the country.