Sunday, September 25, 2011


When Gina-Lisa Lohfink celebrates birthday, has a blast - and true!Because she kept even in the night to Friday ...

The ex-"Top Model" contestant celebrated her 25th Birthday on the Reeperbahn. There was trouble with a group of girls!Apparently a fight! Complaint against the blonde! By Gina-Lisa said brawl wants to know anything but tame it is still far.

"If someone sullied the honor of my friends, I'm the bomb," is the powerful woman in the combative interview, explaining why the Gina-bomb exploded Friday morning.
Gina-Lisa: "I was with David Ortega (ex-" Big Brother "participants, Ed) and my buddies go. On the road, five, six were girls who knew David. The dredged and have stopped him. As he has shown them that he has no interest, they were abusive. "

The girls should have called David "Son of a bitch" and "fag". "Because I lost it completely," says Gina-Lisa ."We were mobbed again most primitive. I've got the angezickt right, I've become really abusive. "If it related to their loved ones, they understand no fun.

The model seriously: "Family and friends are sacred." But she slammed on Friday did not! Cousin Damian (19) they have moved away from the girl group - and thus perhaps prevented something worse. Gina-Lisa: "Who knows what would have happened ..."

How can it be but that the police documented in the participating girls strangulation marks or bruises?
Gina-Lisa's explanation: "It has yet to be inflicted in order to get into the press. Or who are just pissed that David could not land. "