Friday, September 9, 2011

British royal pregnant! Pregnant with twins Kate William Le faint

British royal family once again the good news, Prince William and Kate get married expire hundred days, suddenly passed Kate is pregnant, but also twins!
The latest issue of Star magazine cover story reports, Kate (29 years) called to tell the news she was pregnant when William, William head almost faint music.The history of the British royal family has never had twins, this is the first time.Royal biographer Wilson confirmed as soon as possible to bring a baby Kate a lot of pressure, results of the first year of marriage, if the twins were born healthy, is happy.
William couples seeking infertility treatment with or without?At least one source of the answer is yes, but also examined the sex of the fetus, proved to be a woman.If the first born sister how to do?Under the current law of succession the British throne, the future successor to father his brother William will leave from the throne.
William and Kate married in April 29, attracted worldwide attention.Kate quickly gave birth to bear enormous pressure heir to the throne, the rumor about her anorexic lingering.Now came pregnant, the first order of business is to quickly gain weight!William married couples living in the countryside of Wales, William Royal Air Force rescue team is still as pilots.
British royal pregnant

Us Weekly quoted sources close to Williams said his wife, Kate, if pregnant, will the self-proclaimed royal family, do it without the U.S. gossip magazine!Strange is, the weekly listing, the UK media but quiet, neither up nor refuted.