Sunday, September 18, 2011

Brad Pitt, were so mean he is talking about marriage with Jennifer Aniston!

These words from Brad Pitt to be Jennifer Aniston to be difficult to digest. For now, the actor pulls a sad record of his marriage to Jen and told in an interview, how happy they value themselves, Angelina Jolie to have met.

What is gotten into Brad Pitt (47)? The Hollywood star seems currently not miss any opportunity to fire verbal broadsides against his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston (42). After he reportedly already fulminating about the new man in her life, actor Justin Theroux (40), it pulls in an interview with "Parade" magazine is now also an unflattering account of his five years of marriage with Jen.

First, Brad reported that he had spent the 90 years trying to hide from the public, and admits: "I've had enough of sitting on the couch to smoke a joint and to hide me. I felt miserable "Then afterwards he adds:". I realized that I am obsessed with was to make a film about an exciting life, I had not itself exciting life "After this self-reflection Mr. Pitt delivers promptly explain why. - Jennifer Aniston and would like anything but. "I think it had anything to do with my marriage. I have tried to issue marriage for something she was not "set in clear text mean well.

Married life with Jennifer was boring and a big mistake. Fortunately, the oh-so-poor Mister Pitt learned so Angelina Jolie on the set of " Mr. & Mrs. Smith know "- and love. "I'm very happy with it, made ​​the right decision and found a wife who I love, Angie, and build a family with her ​​that I love so much," says the 47-year-old, adding: "One family a risky undertaking, because the more one loves, the more you lose. "This can certainly confirm Jennifer. Ensure it meets all the more determined the next sentence: "One of the biggest and best things I've ever done, Angelina had to do with the mother. She's such a great mom. Oh man, I'm so happy to have her. " Aha. And his ex? Which should probably be less happy about Brad's common stock of the years.

That he is now probably risen too. For after his negative comments have made ​​headlines, he is now trying to limit the damage. Was announced through his spokesman he said: "It hurts me that it is interpreted. Jen is an incredibly charming and funny woman who will always be my friend. It is an important relationship, which I cherish. I just did not want to say that Jennifer is boring, but I was bored -. And that I am responsible, " " Perhaps Mr. Pitt should then consider the next time better think twice before he even says something so wrong ...