Monday, September 26, 2011

The Amazon Tablet Come on 28 September?

The industry has long rumored that Amazon is working on a tablet, is to make the serious competition Apple's iPad. CEO Jeff Bezos (47) fueled the rumors themselves time and again by implication, more details came to light. The idea - just a matter of time. Now it seems so far ...

Amazon has for 28 September a press conference announced.Topic: unknown. But industry experts are certain: On Wednesday, the alleged killer iPad finally presented.
"Wednesday is a tablet day," analyst Colin Gillis BGC told the Reuters news agency. And so it could look like:

According to insiders, is running on theTablet Google's Android operating system - in the older version 2.2 ("Need"). If an update is still possible to "Honeycomb" version appears uncertain. Supposedly the OS was developed by Amazon, but it should have a completely revised user interface.

In addition, the tablet should have a seven-inch multi-touch display, but no camera. At the beginning there should be only a wireless version, but a UMTS module is in the works. Apps, users get access only through Amazon's own App Store, access to Android Market will not have the device. The reported " computer screen "with reference to the renowned technology blog" TechCrunch ".

In addition to the apps to the tablet - are made available for e-books, MP3s and movies from the Amazon store - in reference to the Kindle.

Sounds like a real killer iPad? Still not sure - but the convincing argument could be the price. Amazon is known for its aggressive pricing policy, insiders estimate that the Amazon tablet will cost only about half of the iPad.

The wireless version will come for around 250 dollars (180 euros) on the market.
Amazon is still keeping a low profile, does not issue detailed information.The latest on Wednesday we know if there is an iPad-killer or just a poor imitation Amazon ...