Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Weather Channel

All outdoor activities from noon to 6 p.m. today are canceled, Superintendent Frank Petruzielo said a short time ago.
"Outdoor recess, physical education classes and other curricular activities are to be moved indoors," he wrote in a memo to principals.
"Athletic practices, band practices and other outdoor extracurricular activities are to be moved indoors; or, these may be conducted after 6 p.m. with close adherence to the school district’s protocols for extreme weather conditions. Coaches/sponsors are to review and carefully adhere to procedures and guidelines for extreme weather conditions. The use of web bulbs, frequent hydration of participants and close monitoring of weather conditions and participants is imperative."
Original post: noon Wednesday
Approximately 38,385 Cherokee County students returned to school during what some Atlanta meteorologists described as the hottest week of the summer.
Already, two Georgia high school athletes, one from Ben Hill County and another from Henry County, have died after practices. Heat stroke has been cited as the possible cause in both deaths.
The Weather Channel featured Cherokee High's football team and what precautions coaches are taking to protect players on days when the heat index soars. Canton Elementary was also part of the package.
Late last month, Superintendent Frank Petruzielo addressed weather-related concerns in a July 26 memo to School Board members.
"Various athletic, band (and) extracurricular activities will be canceled or scheduled at a later time of day if conditions warrant," he wrote.
Additionally, students throughout Cherokee will be allowed to carry bottled water on school buses until temperatures cool, Petruzielo said.