Monday, August 8, 2011

Stock Quotes

The positive close for the DJIA last Friday seems like nothing but an anomaly at this point. Stock futures were positioned for a significant drop today as a result of the credit downgrade aftermath. Today’s trading session will be the first chance for investors on Wall Street to show their reaction in tangible form and index trends will feel the negative pressure.
The credit downgrade for the U.S. is the prime reason for the sell offs observed just after opening bell today but many wonder if there will be a more long lasting effect. Global markets are showing negative action in their respective sessions and this will surely carry over into the U.S. trading session throughout the course of the day. The uncertainty related to the downgrade is difficult to process. This has never happened before so investors on Wall Street are venturing into uncommon territory. U.S. stock futures however gave a good indication of sentiment. The DJI, Nasdaq and S&P 500 positioned to open the day in the red. Individual component companies should feel the heat as this week opens as well. Apple Inc. continues to feel the pressure today. According to MSN Money stock quotes, AAPL is trending lower by 2.52 percent at 364.21. The volatility in the marketplace continues.