Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Real Housewives Of New York

After Monday's epic showdown on "The Real Housewives of New York Reunion Part 2" everyone was asking which of the ladies would be invited back for another season and who would be shown the door.
“No one knows at the moment who is in or out, but the second the contracts go to our representatives we all email and call each other immediately. So if someone does not get a letter we know within hours,” one Housewife tells me. "All the cast will now be glued to their iPhones as they wait for the call from Bravo on whether they are being invited back."
The ladies should be receiving their letters of do or die very soon, as producers have indicated they hope to be back in production for the 5th season by Labor Day. But if a Housewife does not receive a letter, that doesn't mean she's stuck with a pink slip. Instead, the ladies who do not receive an offer are merely "not invited back."

“What’s happened with other casts in the franchise is offers go out to the women they want and those [they] don’t do not hear a word," two of the ladies explain. "Technically no one gets fired they are just not invited back.”

Although this has never happened to any of the ladies of the New York cast (it has happened in Atlanta, Orange County and New Jersey), this year even the cast members of New York expect a shake-up. The only New York departure to date has been Bethenny Frankel, who left the show to collect $120 million in Skinnygirl Margarita satchels of gold.

“This year our season started much later than normal to make way for the disastrous Miami version. Now that has come and gone [and] we will be back to our regular taping schedule which means the offers are imminent."
And although fans may not be clued in on the casting news as soon as the letters go out, we can get some insight when it comes to any potential casting changes by monitoring the ladies' Twitter accounts. In the past, when negotiations have started the women go very quiet on the social networking site.