Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The New Yorker

Maybe success on the iPad doesn’t rely on stylish, interactive features – Condé Nast has revealed their highest-selling iPad app is The New Yorker, which focuses on presenting its articles in a clean and readable format. Many are surprised that The New Yorker has had more success than Condé Nast’s more technologically stimulating apps, directed to a younger demographic, like Wired.  The magazine has slowly begun shifting resources to web, by hiring their first web news editor only nine months ago and implementing an online paywall, in an effort to shift to a business model which relies on revenue from consumers.
The magazine’s deputy editor Pamela Maffei McCarthy told The New York Timesthat creating an app focused on reading was their priority.  “There are some bells and whistles, but we’re very careful about that.  We think about whether or not they add any value.  And if they don’t out the window they go,” she said.
In related news, Conde Nast announced that since introducing its magazines through Apple’s subscription service, the company has garnered 242,000 digital customers in a six week period. Leading the way of all its digital publications has been The New Yorker.