Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kendall Jenner

Add this to things I never thought I'd say: when my daughter grows up, I hope she has as much sense as a Kardashian. OK, not exactly a Kardashian. I hope my kid has the street smarts of their little sister, Kendall Jenner. The 15-year-old half-sister of Kim and the gang may hang in Hollywood with the likes of Justin Bieber, but she's not completely snowed by fame.
The teen model got a Tweet from the Biebs himself this week, asking if she'd go out with his buddy Julian Swirsky, a 16-year-old music producer. First things first: how cute is this? Bieber may be all over little girls' bedroom walls, but he's still just a kid playing wingman for his BFF, testing the waters so Swirsky doesn't feel like a Class A chump when the hot chick turns him down. Mom in me says aww! But it's how Jenner responded that I'm really loving:
Only if you & @selenagomez join! :) #DoubleDate
Smart girl! Safety in numbers!
Listen, I'm sure a friend of the Biebs is quite the gentleman. He hangs out with a guy whose big rebellious moment was getting a Jesus tattoo for crying out loud. But the fact is Kendall has never metJulian. She has no way of judging whether he's a creeper in wildly successful teen's clothing. Even a Kardashian needs to bring backup.
Getting a date online may have lost the '90s era rep that you're just too desperate to find a date in real life (ask me why I still duck my head when people ask how I met my husband), but that doesn't mean it's any safer. Strangers are strangers. Kids you meet on Facebook and Twitter have as much of a chance of being the next date rapist as the dude who sits behind you in chemistry class. Only the guy from class is at least a known quantity. Your parents can track him down tomorrow if something happens.
Meeting someone from the online world should always happen in public with a witness along for the ride. And when those someones happen to be stalked by paparazzi and screaming tweenagers, well, you can guess it will be pretty safe.