Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Jamie Lynn Spears

Jamie Lynn Spears
Jamie Lynn Spears posted a picture of herself on Twitter yesterday and it did a great job of getting people talking. The pic is of Britney Spears' younger sister, who's mom to 3-year-old Maddie, holding a jar of pickles, and chomping down on one -- with a "I just got caught" expression.

The caption reads: "#addicted." Now some folks are in an uproar because they feel the pic is too suggestive, especially for a mother of a young daughter. Others say the pic is totally harmless and simply goofy. Like a "who stole the pictures from the pickle jar" type thing.

Jamie Lynn probably didn't mean to look too suggestive, but she is done up with some big hair and lots of eyeliner and is in a white miniskirt. So, the question remains: Did she go too far, on purpose or otherwise?