Tuesday, August 2, 2011


A "raunchy" Rihanna gave a fan the middle finger during her reign as queen at a Barbados carnival parade. The Loud Toursongstress gave the crowd an eyeful with her stripper pole, hip-gyrating suggestive moves.
First, Miley Cyrus starts a frenzy when she shows off a new gay rights tattoo on her middle finger. Now, RiRi joins the party and stirs up a media hailstorm of her own.
Not only was the barely there skimpy outfit, ehem costume a sight to see; it was the offering of her middle finger to fan that shows a firecracker side to the Run This Town hit maker. What set RiRi off at the parade?
As Rihanna pumped up the crowd back home in her hometown of Barbados during the annual carnival parade during the "Crop Over Festival," apparently a fan got on the sexy singer's last nerve.
Although the still frame does not have voice, undoubtedly a proper caption to the priceless photograph is: "You can kiss my *&^%...I need a boy to take it over...looking for a guy to put in work...oh no."
The sultry singer is known for being mercurial on and off stage, but it's not often one see's a photo that shows a "What's My Name" side of Rihanna.
But her bird-flipping moment and Back That Thang Up moves aboard the float at the Barbados carnival shows RiRi bounces to the beat of her own drum.
Judge for yourself by clicking on the "Kadmooment Day" photo.