Friday, August 5, 2011

Apollo 18

Second Recession may be looming Global financial markets are becoming increasingly alarmed at the very real possibility that the world's largest economy might be slipping back into a recession right on the heels of the last. Job data that will be released Friday will help determining whether or not the U.S, has another recession looming. These fears come after news that U.S. stocks suffered its worst sell-off in two years.
Despite the bad news, unemployment in the U.S. has dropped to 9.1 percent so this may have a positive effect on Wall Street today.

Annette Charles of "Grease" fame, dies The woman who popularized the character of Cha Cha in the "Grease" films has passed away. Annette Charles died in her L.A. home. The actress was suffering from cancer after having been diagnosed only a few months ago. Her death comes a little over two months after fellow "Grease" star Jeff Conaway's death.
"Apollo 18" teaser trailer hits the web The teaser trailer for the upcoming "Apollo 18" hit the Internet last night. The film its promoting is a science fiction "what if" based on the idea that there was a secret mission to the moon that didn't make it back. The film gives an alternate reason as to why the U.S. never initiated another expedition to the moon. The way the trailer makes it look, it kind of seems like "Paranormal Activity" set in space.
New evidence of water on Mars The strongest evidence yet of water on Mars has been unearthed through pictures of the Newton Carter crater. The dark streaks on the surface of Mars that appear with the different temperature related seasons of the red planet is the strongest evidence yet of water existing there. According the International Business Times, NASA said Thursday that the new evidence suggests that there is highly salty water on the planet and that it could mean that other life is sustainable.