Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Anhui wealthy woman beaten controversial tour

One entitled "My dad is the" Gang "and then staged Huangshan, female tour guide was savagely beaten," the network of posts in the network has a strong focus on lead users. Posted person who beat his mother and family use "relation" pressure Huangshan city police department.
It is understood that at 2:00 on August 13, claiming to be victim's family Posted this description: Huangshan tour Zhang Yuhong female tourist cable car ride in with when the same car Bengbu tourists Panchen Rui that he and fellow travelers from the VIP because of the channel rather than with the regular guests into the same car, but was Panchen Rui Zhang Yuhong attempt to explain the brutal assault. While the female tour guide, after an alarm, security will be seized and turned over to the Pan North Sea Huangshan Scenic Area Public Security Bureau police station, this time the mother called Pan mysterious phone call, then the case was transferred to scenic Yungu Si police station, and the attitude of the police investigators began to favor batterers.
Post person, but to no avail mediation in the case, police station, even the Panchen Rui release.
After posting no longer see the Panchen Rui person and their family members, only the police and the other lawyers in which the mediation.

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