Saturday, August 13, 2011

Age Of Conan

Age Of Conan
As if you didn't have enough incentive to log into Age of Conan lately, Funcom is giving you one more. Yes, Unchained is here, as is free-to-play and a lot of new content. On top of that, the AoC Facebook page just mentioned a promotion called The King's Reward which runs through the end of the month.

Every Age of Conan player will receive a free potion pack via the new in-game store, and unlike everything else in the cash shop, the bundle is free of charge. Goodies include various flavors of XP-enhancing potions (including PvP, mastery, and regular XP), a temporary PvP evade boost, and a resurrect potion.

These items may only be claimed on one avatar per account, so choose wisely if you've got a ton of toons lounging about on your character select screen.