Thursday, July 28, 2011

Vince Young

Quarterbacks are getting money and contracts thrown their way like they're a group of cheerleaders having stumbled upon the Girls Gone Wild bus.
Just about everyone's found a home. Even the ones who haven't are probably about to. The Denver Post reports that the Broncos are currently in "serious trade discussions" with the Dolphins about Kyle Orton. Over at ESPN, Adam Schefter is saying his sources still "expect Kolb to be dealt from Philadelphia to the Arizona Cardinals by the end of the week."
Meanwhile, I've heard or read almost nothing aboutVince Young(notes).
There's a little bit out there. The Titans will reportedly release him on Thursday, as expected, and there were rumors out there that the Eagles and/or Dolphins were interested. But they register as barely a whisper among the roars of rumors about Kolb, Orton, or even Kellen flippin' Clemens.
It's a mistake. I'm not sitting here telling you that Vince Young is somebody's ticket to the Super Bowl, but I am saying that if teams are so desperate to have Tarvaris Jackson(notes), Kevin Kolb(notes) andDonovan McNabb(notes) fill holes in their depth charts, Vince Young deserves at least a peck on the cheek from someone.
Come on, we're even giving up multiple draft picks for Donovan McNabb, when Vince Young could be had for free? I like Donovan McNabb, and I'm rooting for him, but I don't know why Minnesota was itching for him. Last year, he combined the attributes of the last two Vikings quarterbacks -- the savvy and accuracy of Tarvaris Jackson with the legs of Brett Favre(notes).
Someone's going to end up getting a quarterback (probably now in a clearly defined back-up role) just as good, if not better, than the other guys who have moved, and at a way better price.