Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Veteran

With actor Om Puri's character in the film 'Khap' striking a uncanny resemblance to politician Om Prakash Chautala the movie is likely to face some controversy in the near future.
However, film maker Ajay Sinha said that the resemblance was mere co-incidence.
Already both Haryana government and Khap panchayat have shown their disapproval towards to movie and of course the character.
Sources say that Sinha was left disappointed when he had earlier approached the Haryana government to make the film tax free in the state.
Moreover, the movie is said to be based on the practice of honour killings in the state. The Haryana government and Khap panchayat have not taken it in the right spirit. Sources say that the Khap panchayat has put a ban on the movie as they fear that it will tarnish their image.