Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunny Deol

Sunny Deol
Recently, on a chat show with Simi Garewal, actor Abhay Deol spilled the beans on being a Deol. He made a startling revelation that many aren't aware of. Abhay said that he actually refers to his uncle, actor Dharmendra as daddy and his biological dad as 'chacha'!

On being a Deol, he said, "We are pretty much a very conservative and traditional family in that sense and even though we were sort of pushed into the world of film-making - we're a joint family.

So there were seven of us under one roof and it was quite chaotic and loud and crazy." Talking about his cousins, actors Sunny and Bobby, Abhay said, "Well, with 'bhaiya' (Sunny) I mean he's much older than me, so he was like a protector. We were like his kids, so to speak and he would do anything for us, it's just his personality. Growing up with Bobby was fun, but he was a bit of a bully, so I got bullied around by him a lot as a kid."

But ask him if Sunny protected him from Bobby, he added, "I don't think he'd bully me in front of 'bhaiya'. You see, we're all scared of 'bhaiya'!" So, Abhay has indeed been a sweet boy since his childhood!