Sunday, July 24, 2011

Stephen Hawking

Fresh on the heels of Mayim Bialik's (Big Bang Theory star) admission that she is actually a scientist, Cosmologist Stephen Hawkinghas admitted that he is actually a method actor who has spent the last 60+ years been preparing for the role in the upcoming FX Sitcom - A Brief History of Rhyme.

A Brief History is a take on the classic Cyrano de Bergerac story, however in this retelling, Stephen and his sentient speech device Spiff compete for the heart of the same woman - their housekeeper and aspiring dance instructor, Penelope.
Hawking was approached about the show back in the mid 1940's, but he knew that to stay true to his artistic vision of a disabled physicist poet, he would not only have to subject himself to years of cosmological studies, but he would also have to confine himself to a wheelchair in order to fully capture the essence of his character who learns to walk with the help of love and krumping.

Since admitting to being a method actor, StephenHawking has been seen gallivanting around town in his actual form - Stefan Hawkin, a cucumber cool, smooth talking, man's man, who is madly in love with his neighbor's daughter. It should be noted that she is the daughter of the junk food loving cop who helped bring down the terrorists at the Nakatomi building several years ago.

At next week's Comic-Con in San Diego, fans will have a chance to interact with Brief History stars Stefan and Spiff, played by the artist formerly known as Johnny 5.

This is Johnny's return to acting after his nervous breakdown, where he claimed in a controversial interview with Alex Jones that the Jews killed C3PO and filled him with chocolate. After a 9-day Jolt Cola bender, the robot was taken to rehab by his long time friend, Kirk Cameron. Since that time the the robot has rebooted, become a Creationist, changed his name to Johnny 3:16 and refuses to discuss that tumultuous time in his life.