Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kashmira Shah

Kashmera Shah who enters as a special guest on the reality show Superstud gets pampered with massage sessions my studs.
The sultry and sensuous Kashmera Shah, steps in to the stud farm this week. The hard working lady needed some time off from her hectic schedule and so her friend Ashmit Patel invited her over to spend some time with the studs!
Ashmit had already planned a day of relaxation and pampering for Kashmera but little did the boys know that they would be a part of it. Ashmit announces a task that would have all the studs transform into Kashmera's personal masseuse for the day! And to everyone's surprise it was the elimination task for the boys.
A spa room was prepared for Kashmera, complete with candles, flowers and the works!! What followed was a non-stop session of massages that she received from the studs while she eased her tense muscles. While some of the studs struggled and fumbled with their massage techniques, few others turned out to be pros at it.
Thanks to Ashmit's stud lessons earlier, where the boys were given mannequins to practice massage techniques, while Ashmit expertly guided them. Seems like Kashmera might have had a blissful massage marathon!