Friday, July 22, 2011

Kajal Agarwal

If we go by the first reactions for Singham, theAjay Devgn-starrer is well on its way to raking in the big bucks at the box office. The actor himself cements his bankable star status with his new release.
Devgn joined his heroine Kajal Agarwal for an interview with Zoom TV's Omar Qureshi. We present an excerpt:
Omar: How does it feel to be a Lion on steroids, with all the superman stuff happening in the movie?
Ajay: I think it is not a Lion on steroids, it is me on steroids.
Kajal: I think its just Ajay without steroids and stuff.
Omar: How was it working with Kajal?
Ajay: Kajal is a very big star in the South, and that's what she asked me to tell you (laughs). She is an experienced and good actress and has done a lot of films down south, so it gets a lot more easier in terms of work and it comes across on screen naturally.
Omar: How did you feel when you were approached for the film, how did you manage your schedule?
Kajal: Luckily for me, everything worked out perfectly well, also I wanted to work with my "Dream team" i.e. Rohit and Ajay Devgn and I couldn't ask for a better launch in Hindi. Also I had seen the original movie; I liked the character, so I just jumped at the opportunity.
Omar: Some of the audiences have said that the remake has a lot of similarities from the original, would you agree?
Ajay: Why would someone say that? Everybody knows that we are making a remake, we picked up a film because it was a huge hit in the south, we all liked the script, also we had a reference point to the original film, so if we felt the need to make some changes, we did that, there is no similarity between the two movies.
Omar: The movie and your character have been compared with Dabangg. Any comments?
Ajay (Laughs): There's just one thing common, my uniform colour! Apart from that, the characters are different, the story is different.
Omar: How much does an actress need to do in an action movie?
Ajay: I think it's a very balanced film, its got action, masala, romance, humour, also no action film works without any emotions. Singham is a combination of raw action presented in a stylized manner.
Kajal: For an actress, the length or the duration of her role doesn't really matter. It is all about making an impression within 10 minutes of entering the scene.
Omar: Weren't you expecting a role forGolmaal 4 when Rohit and Ajay approached you for the movie?
Kajal: Not really.
Ajay: We've maintained Golmaal every two years; you can't repeat a Golmaal every year because even people need a break from the franchise.

Omar: How hard did you work on your six pack?
Ajay: I don't believe in a six pack, it is a raw action film and the Lion is supposed to be on steroids as you said, so he needs to look tough and look convincing when he is handling 50 people and generally I believe that when you are training hard to be powerful, the cosmetic effect follows.
Omar: According to you who has the best male physique in the industry?
Kajal: I think Salman, he has a natural physique.
Ajay: I agree because he looks strong.
Omar: Ajay has a very intimidating reputation in the industry, were you intimidated by him?
Kajal: No, I wasn't intimidated but I was awestruck in the beginning, but later he made me very comfortable, and not just me but the whole unit, also he is a big prankster, in fact he played one on me during the shoot. He made me hit some guys convincing me that it is a part of the film and I fell for it!
Omar: You have done a lot of movies relating to politics and corruption, are you drawn to these subjects?
Ajay: If it a good story, then I go ahead and do it, its not that I am drawn to it.
Kajal: Also I feel he suits those kinds of roles very well, he looks very sincere, and the kind who can stand up and fight.
Omar: You have a reputation of wearing white, are you superstitious about it?
Kajal: No, I am not superstitious about wearing white, Coincidentally, all my movies in which I have been introduced in white so far, have been biggest hits, so when Rohit sent me the white Salwar Kameez for my inter shot, I happened to tell him this story, that's it.
Omar: Is Ajay an angry person by nature, have you ever seen him getting angry?
Kajal: No, never.
Ajay: I used to be an angry person and still am, but I have learnt to be indifferent.
Omar: Did Kajal come in with an attitude of "I am a star"?
Ajay: No, in fact she was very sweet and very quiet, but she talks a little fast.
Omar: Earlier, heroines used to throw a lot of tantrums, comparatively; do you think the current stars are more professional?
Ajay: Lots has changed, where stardom is concerned, the new generation has come prepared. Earlier, you used to come unprepared and learn things.