Thursday, July 21, 2011

India vs England

India vs England
India vs England 1st test match has been delayed due to bad weather. According to reports, the pitch has been covered with covers and the match will start when the umpires inspect the pitch. The next inspection is slated for 10:50 am (local time).

There were light showers earlier this morning. Though these were very light, they dampened not just the pitch but spirit as well.

Indian team is looking forward to a great match as Sachin may make yet another history by hitting the 100th century of his career. Besides playing at the Lords was itself such a great thing and merely the thought of playing on this historic ground gives a high to people.

Indian team would like to win the series to consolidate its position as the number one test side in the world and continue at the top spot. But to be true it is easier said than done and the composition of the team doesn’t really look so great to think that the team can win the series against England in their own backyards.

Meanwhile the hosts are dreaming to win the series by a margin of at least two Tests to wrest the No. 1 ranking from India. It's a goal they have been pursuing with determination. Though the world cricket body says India is the top team, right now composition wise this doesn’t seem such a right claim. With their very well balanced side English team is the best right now. We need to wait a couple of weeks more to know it exactly as to who is better side.