Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest fans must have known the time, but it's still necessary to mention here again that Dragon Nest NA starts open beta today at 12 PM (PST). If you don't have a Nexon account yet, just sign upand then download the game. Remember that the NA version will be available for players live in North America and Australia only.
In the open beta, there will be 3 servers for you: Velskud (West Coast server), Gerrant (East Coast server), Argenta (East Coast server). You should pick up the one that is geographically closest to your location, in order to optimize your playing experience.
Now the Dragon Nest official site has been revamped and you can see a totally new site here:http://dragonnest.nexon.net. The open beta will unlock some lovely new contents and features, some of which are exclusive in the NA version, say, the empowerment system. Check out below the new goodies for Dragon Nest open beta.