Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dragon Age 2

Just who is Anders Behring Breivik and how can we understand him? Who are the Knights Templar? Did video games make Anders Behring Breivik shoot and kill people? Did he use it as inspiration for his terrorist attack?
In previous articles that have been getting a lot of attention, I compared Anders Breivik to a video game character from 'Dragon Age 2' named "Anders." However, a lot of misinformation came out about my article.
Anders Behring Breivik did not bomb or kill people because a video game told him to. Not surprisingly, many bloggers, commentators, and headline readers skimmed my story and inaccurately and automatically assumed that I was blaming video games or that I believed that the game "made Anders" commit his heinous crime. I think we all know that this is not true, so let's please dig a little deeper on this issue I first brought up.
Bioware nor Infinity Ward is to blame for the backlash I've received and we here at the Post Chronicle have never blamed them. I am actually a big fan of both companies and I have played the 'Call of Duty games' and I have beaten 'Dragon Age: Origins' and 'Dragon Age 2' multiple times.
In Anders' manifesto, he specifically spoke about beating 'Dragon Age 2' while he was creating bombs and practicing with weapons during the last few months before his Norway attack. Other than 'Call of Duty' being his military simulator, this was the last mention of games in his manifesto.
April 2011: (The month Dragon Age II was released) "It was now April 25th and I was finally back to normal. I had spent the past couple of weeks playing through Dragon Age II and a couple of other newly released games. Awesome!"
Here is what he had to say about previous COD games and DA: Origins
January 2010: "I just completed Dragon Age Origins not long ago. A brilliant game!"
February 2010: "I just bought Modern Warfare 2, the game. It is probably the best military simulator out there and it's one of the hottest games this year. I played MW1 as well but I didn't really like it as I'm generally more the fantasy RPG kind of person - Dragon Age Origins etc. "
Let's get past the extremely similar appearance, the same name, and the fact he bombed government buildings. Let's see how these stories match up and really get why it's important to know why these two are connected. The first thing we are going to cover is motives. What was the common 'motivator' that caused Anders from 'Dragon Age 2' to blow up a church - and what motivated Anders Breivik from Norway to blow up a building? The key word here is "Oppression."
Who are they fighting:
Dragon Age 2's Anders is fighting for the freedom of mages from a domineering government run by the 'Templars' and the 'Chantry.'