Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Donovan Mcnabb

It appears by all accounts that Donovan McNabb will likely be a Minnesota Viking sooner than later.
The most difficult part of completing the deal is not the trade compensation.  The most logical sticking point was how to handle McNabb’s contract, but ESPN reports that the financial considerations are taken care of.
So why isn’t it a done deal just yet? Apparently McNabb isn’t thrilled with “how the Vikings side of the situation was handled.”
I grudgingly have to give Florio credit here.  [Editor's note:  Kiss my butt, Mr. Marbles.]  He’s been saying all offseason that McNabb may not embrace a situation like in Minnesota unless the red carpet is rolled out for him.   The opposite seems to be happening in Minnesota.
It appears via multiple reports that McNabb may have been a backup plan in Minnesota to acquiring Tyler Thigpen.  That could be tough news for McNabb to swallow.  Even Christian Ponder’s ostensibly harmless quotes about competing to start could be viewed by McNabb as a threat when he wants the starting gig.
ESPN’s Adam Schefter compared the situation to all the commotion about the lockout late last week. After emotions subside, he fully expects McNabb to join the Vikings.  Florio wonders via IM (remember, we’re like 12-year-old girls) if someone in the Vikings front office is leaking things to make McNabb think twice because there is disagreement in the organization about taking McNabb on.
We do anticipate McNabb allowing the deal to go through because his best chance for success.
No matter what happens, it’s clear we’ve come a long way from the moment McNabb was welcomed to Washington as a franchise savior.