Friday, July 22, 2011

Devin Wenig

Thursday that the head of markets division Devin Wenig was leaving the company and the industry, whose growth second quarter was "relatively slower than expected," would be reorganized. The group information and financial data has confirmed its outlook for 2011 and stated anticipated revenues from continuing operations between 3.1 and 3.2 billion for the second quarter.
Thomson Reuters expected a more adjusted EPS of between 49 and 52 cents against 41 cents a year earlier.
"The second quarter results should reflect the continued strong performance of professional pole and a relatively slower growth than expected cluster markets," the group announced in a statement.
The reason for the departure of Devin Wenig was not specified. The latter, who worked for the group for 17 years, declined to comment.
The cluster market, which competes with Bloomberg and Dow Jones, will be simplified into three units against four current through the merger of the branches "Sales and Trading" and "Investment and Consulting."
The direction of the markets division will now be provided by the Group Chief Executive Thomas Glocer. Thomson Reuters to publish its quarterly results July 28.