Monday, July 25, 2011

Courtney Love

Courtney Love knows all too well the feeling of losing a loved one to addiction. Married to front man of Nirvana Kurt Cobain, she endured the press and pain after he committed suicide at age 27. The  woman who saw it happen personally in her life actually reached out to help Amy Winehouse. On Saturday, the entertainer publicly shared that she tried twice to help Winehouse.
"I'm f***ing gutted. I tried with her, I tried twice," said Courtney Love. Sharing that sometimes people’s personal struggles have others take advantage, Love has seen her share of what happens when situations spiral out of control. Offering to help Winehouse and even stepping in to facilitate an intervention, the rocker seemed to keep her own beat.
The funeral arrangements for the passing of Amy Winehouse will not be announced until late in the week. An autopsy has been scheduled to determine cause of death and the police are still conducting an inquiry to determine any other individuals involved in the death.
The world is mourning the talented singer. Tributes to Amy Winehouse are expected to be announced around the world with fans coming together to celebrate her life.