Friday, July 22, 2011


Concord NH Patch will help be your guide as you become a tourist in your own city. Whether you're new to Concord or want to explore the city you've loved for years, we're here to show you what there is to see.
Starting on Monday and throughout next week, check back with Concord NH Patch daily to see what excursion is next.

Your 7-Day Itinerary:
MONDAY: For the Monday Passport, Patch will set out to discover a Hidden Gem in your community. Whether you've never heard of this place or simply haven't stopped by, we wanted to help you find the best of your town!
TUESDAY: The Tuesday Patch Passport gives you options for two great local spots for Kid-Friendly Fun. Take advantage of time with your kids and get out and enjoy these cool spots.
WEDNESDAY: Travel Back in Time with the Wednesday Patch Passport, which shows you a historic spot in Concord you might not know about.
THURSDAY: The Thursday Patch Passport shows you A Little Bit of Paradise. This is funky local place is not like any other place in the city. Come along and relax...
FRIDAY: The Friday Patch Passport shows you where you can go on a Treasure Hunt for trinkets in your city. Get out and explore the unique local shops of Downtown Concord and all they have to offer.
SATURDAY: Did you know that Concord offers places to go Dining Around the World? The Saturday Patch Passport is a complete list of places to eat in your town organized by international flavor.
SUNDAY: Revisit your younger days when you hopped in the car, started the engine and drove off in search of something fun. The Sunday Patch Passport maps out where you can Venture Out. You won’t want to miss these unique stops on our trip.
We hope this project encourages you to shop locally, eat locally and be local. Patch wants to show you how much your own city has to offer. Check back next week for a passport to your community!