Monday, July 25, 2011

Brett Favre

The NFL is coming back! And we all know what "NFL" stands for, right?
The National Favre League.
Come on, it's what you want, right? The rumors are already out there about the Philadelphia Eagles being interested in having Brett Favre serve as the clipboard quarterback behind Mike Vick. And Vick tweeted that he loved the idea -- although apparently that tweet later disappeared. Maybe he realized that it's been impossible to keep Favre off the field.
Whether Vick really wants Favre as a teammate or not, you can't forget Brett. He's as much a part of the NFL as a new CBA. That's why no matter what the subject of our weekly reader-generated Top 10 list, Favre always gets mentioned. And that's why it seems right to focus of Favre now that the NFL appears to be days away from being back in business.
Thus this is our list: "Top 10 Reasons We Need Brett Favre."
Sarcasm? Yes, we are fine with sarcasm. Lay it on. The drill is unchanged. Send your suggestions to Please include your first name, initial of your last name and your home town. Your deadline is noon Wednesday for the list that will appear here Thursday.
Brett Favre, of course, has no deadline. He can come back any time. And he's welcome to contribute to our list.
As for coming back to the NFL, you know he will. After all, the league is named after him.