Sunday, July 31, 2011


THE first weekend of a 50-man police blitz on the Gold Coast has done little to ease community fears.
Operation Seymour snagged 28 people on 36 minor charges including public urination, public nuisance, drink-driving and drunk and disorderly.
Arrests for Friday and Saturday totaled 146 which was 14 less than the weekend before.
No arrests were made for armed robbery or weapon possession and bikie gangs were not targeted.
Police sources revealed senior officers were not even told of plans for the operation until the eleventh hour.
The 50 extra officers sent to target suburban hotspots are believed to be staying in a Surfers Paradise high rise, far removed from the real problem areas.
Federal Member for Moncrieff, Steven Ciobo, said the operation was doomed to fail because it was a 'Band-aid fix'.
"This is not a policing failure, it's a political failure," he said.
"This operation will not do a single thing to reduce crime in any meaningful way.  The government is of the assumption the community is stupid, but people can see this for what it is -- a Band-aid fix that won't last.
"Without permanent extra resources, the city will continue to be known as the country's crime capital."