Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Come check out the spontaneous performance behavior of WIT's company ensembles outside their natural habitat on Friday and Saturday 6.10 - 6.18 at 8PM.

WIT's six ensembles will adventure out into the wild world of the Woolly Mammoth. Watch as WIT creates even more laughs and entertainment, using this amazing venue. Come see WIT at the Woolly Mammoth Theater for an experience that is creative, energetic and, above all, wild!

For over a decade, WIT has created shows on the cutting edge of theatre, celebrating spontaneity, playfulness and drama. WIT's shows entertain and engage audiences. Now WIT has upped the ante, joining forces with The Woolly Mammoth Theatre.

It seems only fitting WIT perform in a theatre where artistic risk and exploration are a way of life. WIT will bring the action closer to audience in Woolly's underground rehearsal room. With its convenient location in downtown DC, Woolly Mammoth Theatre (located on 614 D Street NW) not only thrives at the center of theater, but is also an essential part of a night on the town. A perfect place to unleashing WIT's wild ensembles.

Petting, feeding, sudden movements are all encouraged.