Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Weird Al Yankovic

Weird Al Yankovic debuted his new music video this week, "Perform This Way," to anticipated fans, but asMyFox had reported earlier, the parody of Lady Gaga's song, "Born This Way," almost didn't happen – never mind the music video.
Weird Al had posted on his blog that Lady Gaga had not approved of the parody and he therefore could not put it on his new album. But Lady Gaga quickly responded that she had never even heard the song. Weird Al detailed the exchange to get the song made on his blog .
Spinner reported that Lady Gaga came out and said that she felt having a song parodied by Weird Al was a "right of passage" for pop stars.
The parody master went forth with his plans for the music video for "Perform This Way," in which he stars in, as well as directs.
In the video, Weird Al's head is superimposed on a body of a woman who is posing as Lady Gaga.
As the lyrics are sung in each scene, Weird Al appears in different outlandish outfits like a porcupine on his head, a peacock costume and even a meat-dress, obviously inspired by Lady Gaga's outfit she wore to the MTV Video Music Awards.
At one point, Weird Al sings, "I'm so completely original," while a Madonna lookalike appears in the scene looking shocked, and later appears to briefly sing, "Express Yourself."
Lady Gaga is often accused of copying Madonna.
Weird Al touches on many details that have made Lady Gaga such a unique performer. From coming out of an egg at the beginning of the video, to setting fire to himself, Weird Al sings and parodies many of the Fame Monster's headlining moments.
"Perform This Way" is the first released single from Weird Al's new record, "Apocalypse," which comes out today.