Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ryan Giggs Sister In Law

Ryan Giggs has found himself hitting headlines once again, this time for an alleged extra-marital affair with his brother’s wife.
A Sunday tabloid has claimed that the Manchester United star embarked on an eight-year relationship with his 28-year-old sister-in-law Natasha.
Following his alleged affair with Big Brother star Imogen Thomas, who was gagged with a super-injunction, now more claims of betrayal have stunned his fans.
The News Of The World today claimed that the multi-millionaire footballer even spent the night with estate agent Natasha last month on April 9.
The tabloid also alleged that Giggs was seeing Natasha behind his wife Stacey’s back while she was pregnant.
The 37-year-old former BBC Sports Personality of the Year is said to have met his brother’s wife in a string of hotels, after first meeting Natasha when she was single in 2003.
A friend of Natasha told the newspaper: ‘I knew it was wrong. It’s the worst possible betrayal. I tried to end it but my relationship with Ryan was like an addiction. Anything he said, I did, I couldn’t say no.’
She continued that it was all on the footballer’s terms and he never told her he loved her.
‘Ryan was never romantic with me. It was all about sex’, the friend said.
Giggs is said to have met Natasha eight-years-ago in Manchester nightclub Sugar Lounge, when she was 20-years-old.
She had apparently recently split from the father of her first child and Giggs was engaged to his now wife Stacey.
Natasha’s friend revealed that he apparently bought her drinks and complimented her appearance before taking her number and allegedly asking her to meet him the following night.
The following night they went to the Living Room bar, where Natasha also met Ryan’s brother Rhodri.
The trio continued onto another club and then dined at a Chinese restaurant for a meal before all heading back to a friend’s house.
The source told the tabloid that this was where Natasha allegedly first slept with Ryan, but afterwards found out that the star had a pregnant girlfriend.
After confronting him about Stacey, Ryan allegedly asked Natasha if he could trust her and claims he didn’t mention his fiancée again.
But Giggs is claimed to have kept in touch with Natasha and regularly meet up with her to have sex.
But in May 2003, Natasha started dating his brother Rhodri and two months later Ryan apparently stopped contacting her.
They are said to have met up at a New Year party at his mother’s house though and Ryan apparently pretended to Stacey that he didn’t know Natasha.
After that they didn’t see each other for a year but Natasha’s friend claims Ryan contacted her once again to resume the alleged affair in the autumn of 2004.
Natasha’s friend said: ‘I then read that Stacey had kicked him out. And a friend told me that they thought Stacey had found a message on Ryan’s phone. I wondered if it was from me.’
Meanwhile, Rhodri proposed to Natasha in 2005 and Ryan was meant to be his best man.
Natasha fell pregnant to Rhodri later that year, but is claimed to have still slept with Ryan during a charity golf tournament in June 2006, according to the newspaper.
Natasha and Rhodri’s son was born in August 2006, while Stacey gave birth to Ryan’s second child Zach two months later.
In June 2008, rumours of the fling had apparently been spreading around Manchester and Natasha is said to have been confronted by one of Ryan’s ex-girlfriends with the question whether it was true.
But as the alleged affair didn’t come out, Rhodri and Natasha finally wed in 2010, but with another pal Will Mellor stepping in as best man instead of Ryan.
The allegations come after Ryan Gigg’s alleged affair with former Miss Wales Imogen Thomas surfaced last month.
The pair are said to have had a six month fling, which Imogen is still prohibited from discussing due to a super-injunction gagging her.