Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ryan Giggs Natasha

Ryan Giggs Natasha
For nearly two decades there has been debate about whether Manchester United football star Ryan Giggs plays his best games at home or away. Now thanks to the NOTW News of the World UK tabloid all those debates have been resolved overnight. Here is the breaking news that Ryan Giggs has been servicing his brother’s wife Natasha on a regular basis for over eight yours.

Now this demonstrates how prolific a striker this football legend is it is alleged that he was the midfield playmaker that made deadly strikes on a his sister in law – the play went along these lines Giggs would hold the play in midfield then his brother would leave the family home at which time Ryan was only an arroused seven inches from the front door, then when the crack in the door opened Giggs slid in!

The emails are already filling our mail boxes asking how in eight years of striking no reports have been released on how many times the uprights and bar were hit by the striker on the way in? We cannot answers those stats at this time but we are aware that the all the lawns and hedges were kept neatly trimmed around the house so we assume that all tufts and bushes around the crack in the door were trimmed sufficiently to ensure a smooth slippery entry around the target!

At this point in time as this story is still developing we do not know yet whether Giggs had to maneuver around a shaved or hairy gateway into the crack making the feedback above inaccurate. But what we do know for sure is for the last eight years at least the scoring record points to Giggs as being one of the best home game strikers of all time. There is an awful lot of evidence to verify that all the strikes were made with a seven inch poke.

If we are wrong about the size and length statistics we feel confident that in the new week the UK tabloid The Sun will correct any facts we await with interest as we cannot ‘Imogen’ what will break next on this saucy sex gossip.

These latest revelations follow a spate of hot gossip about super injunctions that rolled forward at breakneck speed when a UK MP named Ryan Giggs as the man who took out the injunction to stop his name being released as the lover of ex Miss Wales ImogenThomas. This all goes a long way to Giggs being praised as one of the greatest midfield lotharios to ever lace on a pair of football boots!

Ryan Giggs confirmed as expert at poking Natasha Own Goals.