Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ramjas College

If you are planning to take admission in Ramjas College, make sure you are ready with a stamp paper. The college has asked all freshers this year to attach -- along with all other documents -- an undertaking saying they will not be involved in any act of ragging or sexual harassment. Apparently, this is for the first time that any college has asked freshers to submit such a legal document.
"At the time of the verification process, I was told that I have to attach a legal document in which I have to state that if I engage in any ragging or harassment activity, I will be punished accordingly. I was so surprised when I came to know that, instantly, I ran to the court to get the stamp paper," said Siddharth Somani, a DU aspirant.
Even parents are perplexed with the sudden decision of the college authorities. Many of them have had to shuttle between Ramjas College and courts as the Tis Hazari court notary set up inside the college premises is selling the affidavits at a higher price than normal.

Missing something?
"We didn't know of the stamp paper as we thought that the undertaking would be a part of the admission form itself. We were about to pay the fee when we were told that the affidavit is missing," said Anil Khurana, whose ward had gone to take admission at Ramjas College.

"They should have informed us about this earlier. At the last moment, after waiting for so long when our child is on the verge of completing the process, they are creating problems," said Nisha Sharma, another parent.
According to officials, the affidavit process has delayed the admission process altogether.

While the second list is to come out on June 21; those in the first list have yet not gotten admission. The college has also made it mandatory for parents to counter sign the affidavit.

First time
"The said undertaking to be given by students used to be a part of the admission form only but for the first time this year, they have asked to submit an affidavit for the same. This has led to a lot of chaos and anxiety among the parents," said an official on condition of anonymity.

As per Supreme Court directions and UGC, every educational institution in the country at the university level must have students submit an anti-ragging undertaking. Rajendra Prasad, Principal, Ramjas College, said: "It is not something unusual that we are doing this time. It always used to be a part of our admissions procedure. It is a Supreme Court direction that all institutions must follow, if they are not doing this, it's a contempt of court".

Prasad, who is also on the All India Anti-Ragging Panel, feels that since the anti-ragging measures have been taken up, the number of such cases has reduced drastically. It is a positive step. "I would advice everyone coming for the admissions to read the notice board carefully and not to panic or be anxious about the process," added Prasad.

Past perfect
Ramjas College, on September 24, 2010, suspended a B. Sc. student for allegedly ragging his classmate.
Principal Rajendra Prasad, on the recommendation of a sub-committee of the anti-ragging panel, had also banned the student's entry in the college. According to the college rule, the student will face suspension 'till further orders'. Though Kumar was also a first year student, the principal forwarded the complaint to the
anti-ragging committee as he has failed his examination twice. "So technically, Kumar is senior and he attacked Rai with the help of his third-year friends. In this context, it is a case of ragging," Prasad said.