Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Brown Eyed Girls member Miryo and her agency decided to respond to the plastic surgery rumors about her face.
A representative from B.E.G.’s agency told Newsen that, “What’s been said about Miryo getting plastic surgery is not true.”
They explained, “It probably came from the fact that she’s lost a lot of weight. Lately, she shed 3 to 4 kilograms due to her intense workouts. We’ve seen recent pictures and the results are great, but her face still looks the same.”
The controversy came about after Miryo uploaded a picture of herself on Twitter, only to have netizens swarm the photo with comments about plastic surgery.
After seeing a sharper chin and pointier nose, netizens questioned, “Is this really Miryo?”, “At first glance she looks like Nam Gyuri or Kan Mi Youn“, “After surgery her mouth looks prettier”, and“How did she do it? She became prettier without any notice.”
The Brown Eyed Girls are currently preparing for the mid-July comeback.