Thursday, June 23, 2011

Minot ND

The city of Minot, N.D., hasn’t given up in its battle against flooding from the rising Souris River.
Crews are working furiously to raise earthen levees higher to protect some homes nearest the river. The scene Thursday morning was a rush of trucks and Bobcats dumping and packing clay and dirt on top of levees.
Some 10,000 people have evacuated their homes, about one-fourth of Minot’s population. Water began seeping over levees on Wednesday, and the water is expected to rise faster Thursday as more water is released from upstream dams.
Parts of the city are already flooding. One trailer park is under several feet of water.
The Souris isn’t expected to crest until Sunday or Monday, and Mayor Curt Zimbelman says the city faces a “very difficult” long-term situation.
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