Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ministry Of Home Affairs

The Home Affairs Ministry will play a tight role toward reducing all types of criminality indicatives, by improving capacity and dynamic answers that meet the current demands.

This was assured this Wednesday, here, by the Home Affairs minister, SebastiĆ£o Martins, who was speaking at the opening ceremony of the 32nd anniversary of the Ministry, being celebrated under the motto "Home Affairs Ministry 32 years, firm on consolidating a peaceful, tranquil and safe Nation.

The government official said that the police control will be intensified where normally there is crowd of people, as well as providing more support to the commands of division, as structures nearest to the local administrations and of the communities.

According to the minister, there will also be a special focus on training human resources, particularly those related to criminal investigation.

To him, the most important is not only increasing the number of the police members and the infrastructures, but improving their capacity, with different efficiency becoming coherent the methods for a permanent and systematized crime combat.

"We have to combat criminality with dedication and rigor considering the current levels of sophistication and resources used by delinquents to thwart our actions", he said.

The Angolan Home Affairs Ministry, created in 1979, is the organ of the State central administration with the responsibility of maintaining public order, prevention and fire combat, calamities, control of entry, stay and exit of foreigners, as well as the execution of sentences declared by the courts.