Friday, June 24, 2011

Michael Jackson

LaToya Jackson, sister of the late Michael Jackson, told CNN this week that her brother Michael told her that he knew there would be someone trying to kill him, in order to receive his estate and music publishing catalogue.
LaToya has made these accusations before, but in her memoir, she goes even further and gives more details. She points out who she thinks might have murdered her brother. She even gives information as to how much Michael knew about the conspiracy.
Included in the number of people LaToya accuses for having a part in Michael's death was Dr. Tohme Tohme, who started to manage the King of Pop before his death.
She claims that Dr. Tohme started to fire some of Michael's closest employees, and wanted to steer Michael to do things that Tohme saw profitable for himself.
She also claims that after the death of her brother, she searched Michael's bedroom and found notes, written pleas, that read, "help get these people out of my life."
Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009. Trial is underway in determining who was responsible for the death of the King of Pop.