Monday, June 6, 2011

Manhattan Fish Market

Comparing Manhattan Fish Market outlets weren't done intentionally, it just happened LOL. Ever since the Student privilage RM10 NETT meal started, Ive been to three outlets. The first and secondoutlet was the one I dined at Sunway Pyramid and e @ Curve respectively.
Promotion ends June 30, 2011 so hurry will ya!! RM10 NETT for fish meal is more than awesome! Their batter is crisp and crunchy, fish succulent soft and tender, hot thick fat fries on the sides with made perfected garlic sauce for dippings!!!
So this post is about the third outlet!! It was Wednesday, so smelly asses and I decided to watch Red Riding Hood in TGV Tebrau City, JB. As usual, we were right on the dot so didnt manage to grab dinner before the show.
Thank God they had this Hot combo, so I had my hotdog and orange juice. Bought Rio combo set too! WOOT!! After the movie, which btw was funny at parts especially when Red Riding Hood used the castrated hand of father Solomon to kill her dad.
I thought it was the holy soil from the church grounds in her basket, who knew it was silver fingernails? HAHAHHA Opps! spoilers for those who havent catch it yet:P
We had cheap fish at Manhattan Fish Market!!
Well, they obviously didnt allow me to pick my drink. They just poured coke down my glass, very much similar to Sunway Pyramid's outlet. Its stated on their brochure that Coke would be served, but the outlet at e @ Curve, Damansara won my heart because they allowed me to choose my drinks. Fyi, Coke isnt very much my usual option.
Hate the way it fizzes down my throat:(
Anyway, here.. An addition to our collection of TGV cups!! We have nearly all of them, never fail to not buy their pretty Combos:) Having mentioned 'all of them', hopefully mum hasnt ditch the older cups:S
My damn sporting mum!! I vow to myself that when Im financially capable, I'll make sure she acquires all comforts that she had to think twice of having.
The good thing was that this outlet gave us lots of sauce, other than the garlic sauce that's served on the dish itself. Mum loved the chopped garlic, she polish every single bit off the tray.
Small smelly ass had fish and chips, her all time favourite. The fishes were so tiny!!! Remember I was complaining about the fish at Sunway Pyramid if compared to e @ Curve? Well, this fish was even smaller than the one at Sunway Pyramid!
Mum ordered Cala ala Olio. She has this deeply rooted belief that if there is no rice (or carbohydrates of any kind) then the meal will not be filling. Hence, you'll get hungry soon- fast.
Its very oily, and very flakey with all kinds of chili flakes and what not inside. Mum liked it though, she said it was a new breath to the usual bolognise:S
Whats with the tiny portion? Maybe because we came late, dined there at 9pm so they have us thesaki- baki instead of having to defrost a new batch of dory? LOL nahh, Manhattan wouldnt do that, Im just kidding. They are my favourite restaurant!!
So of all Manhattan Fish Market outlets Ive been to, I rank e @ Curve NUMBER ONE!! Then Sunway Pyramid, then Aeon Tebrau City. Anyway, JB people dont have much of a choice since its the one and only outlet here.
On the side note, Im back in Sunway! And Ive just bought this freaking pretty shoes that I cant seem to take my eyes off it and it only cost me RM20!!! I know, saving up for Dan's birthday and Bangkok trip but its RM20, who in their sane mind would stash it?