Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kapil Sibal

Human resource development minister Kapil Sibal claimed that yoga guru Baba Ramdev had on Friday promised to call off his fast by Saturday afternoon if his demands were met. Sibal displayed a letter given on behalf of Ramdev. As a follow-up to the letter, Sibal claimed that the government contacted
Ramdev on phone on Saturday afternoon as he had not called off the fast.
Sibal said the government was ready to make a law to make ill gotten money stashed away in foreign countries as national asset. For drafting the law, a committee will be appointed with a six month time frame.
"The readiness to form a committee means the government is committed to make the law," Sibal added.
However, Ramdev continued his fast at the Ramlila Ground, denied the government's version and described Sibal's claim as "betrayal". He declared that he will not end the fast till the government gives a written assurance on their demands.
As he asked the thousands of people gathered at the grounds as to "who will support me till their last breath if I am arrested", the supporters raised their hands in unison.
Sibal claimed that all the demands of Ramdev have been met by the government. The government has agreed to make a law declaring black money as a national asset and to award severe punishment to the offenders.
He said that Ramdev had "misapprehensions" about the government approach, which he wanted to clarify.
Sibal said the government had made public its acceptance of other demands of Ramdev, which included monitoring of people's travel to tax havens, and enactment of a public services delivery law.