Sunday, June 5, 2011

Jonathan Ross

ONATHAN Ross was left ­“completely devastated” when his beloved dog Mr Pickle died while filming on the Trans-­Siberian Railway.
Ross and his black pug had flown out to Moscow to record an ITV series set to feature the two of them ­travelling the 5,600-mile route from Russia to China.
Details about what happened are not clear, but it is believed the family pet died on the train. Ross, 51, was said to be “inconsolable” and the series was canned.
The star, who has two daughters and a son with wife Jane, was so upset he has barely spoken about it since. He took Mr Pickle on his BBC chat show four years ago and ­regularly tweeted about his antics at home.
Mr Pickle’s personal website was taken down ­because it was too upsetting for Ross and his family. Friends told how the TV presenter had always dreamed of making the journey on the world-famous railway line. He thought the series, produced by his own Hot Sauce company, would gain an extra twist if he took Mr Pickle along.
He jetted out to the Russian capital three months ago to start preliminary filming.
The night before, he excitedly tweeted:“I gotta go to bed. Am heading to Moscow tomorrow. With Mr Pickle. Couldn’t make it up...”
But days later he was back in the UK and the series had been shelved.
Last night a TV associate of the star said: “One of the things Jonathan was really looking forward to after he left the BBC was getting to do a few more off-the-wall productions. Top of his list was this trip with Mr Pickle.
“He was incredibly devoted to Mr Pickle. Jonathan doesn’t really like talking about it so the details are a little sketchy, but it seems he died while on the train.
“To say Jonathan was devastated is an ­understatement, he was totally distraught.”
The source added: “Jonathan thought about making the trip alone, but just couldn’t bring himself to do it.”